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Case Study: Advanced Traffic Management

Rapidly Growing City Experiences Significant Traffic Challenges

The city of Roseville, California is located north of Sacramento and has a population of over 100,000 people where traffic is the third biggest issue facing city management. Challenged with a rapidly expanding population, Roseville was experiencing significant changes in traffic patterns, with equipment that was not up to handling increasing demands of the public. The legacy traffic control system was based on an expiring technology and did not provide sufficient bandwidth to support high-speed applications. The Traffic Operations Center (TOC) could not see the intersections in real-time, only in freeze-frame-refresh mode. Intersection timing and all other data had to be manually set at each individual intersection. Congestion due to an accident, ordinary commute times, or special events couldn’t be managed and left the population frustrated.

Roseville implemented an IP-based Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to improve traffic flow throughout the city to directly benefit residents, business owners and tourists. All intersections in the city needed to be upgraded with Ethernet-based traffic controllers, pan-tilt-zoom cameras and a broadband transport system. The ATMS allowed Roseville to make the transition toward a unified, IP-based network while materially improving the quality of traffic management and driver/ pedestrian safety within the community.

In the absence of fiber, the existing copper cable that already connected the traffic control system was upgraded to an extended-reach Ethernet connection, creating a robust yet affordable wide area network to carry data and video back to the TOC. In more than 85% of circumstances, the municipal area does not have a fiber-based network infrastructure, which in the past has been required to accommodate Ethernet-based services. However, using Ethernet-over-copper technology from Actelis Networks implemented in this project, it provided switching capability, seamless integration with fiber, extended reach, and a high-speed, reliable transport system.

The initial goal of the project was to monitor traffic at major intersections throughout the city, adjust timing of intersection lights to allow smooth traffic flow, provide a coordinated traffic corridor for special events, solve citizen’s complaints regarding intersection lights, and use the traffic controllers as a scan function for real-time data. The long-term goal is to provide clear corridors for emergency vehicles, post dynamic messaging signs for traffic and Amber alerts, and allow complete coordination with surrounding communities, counties and state transportation agencies.

By upgrading their current system to an IP-connected, Ethernet ATMS system, Roseville was able to provide a complete GIS map of it’s interconnect system, create a smarter, more responsive system that provides greater intelligence-gathering capabilities and enhances both safety and local traffic management. Roseville was also looking for a flexible strategy that would be able to accommodate as-yet unanticipated needs for surveillance and traffic management as well as enable a city-wide Wi-Fi network that would be able to accommodate additional services and communications, as municipal departments moved to integrate their operations with the new system.

This project represents forward-thinking traffic management strategy, based upon the latest technology solutions and advances. It brings intelligent traffic control and monitoring to the municipal government to enhance public safety and alleviate many of the concerns for smooth, efficient traffic flow.

View the web-based monitoring system available to Traffic Operations and the general public, traffic.roseville.ca.us/roseville.

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