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Western Systems 2019 Products & Services

Traffic Management Systems

Controller Cabinets

Traffic Signal Controllers

Local Intersection Software

Test Equipment

  • ATSI (Athens Technical Specialists Inc.)

Battery Backup Systems

  • The Alpha Group
  • CLARY Corporation

Conflict Monitors & Loop Amplifiers

  • Eberle Design, Inc.

Incident Detection

  • Abacus

Video Detection

  • Iteris
  • Migma

Load Switches, Flashers, Transfer Relays

  • Eberle Design, Inc.
  • GDI
  • PDC
  • Magnacraft

Power Supplies, BIU’s, SIU’s

  • Eberle Design, Inc.

Wireless Radio & Mobile Data Solutions

  • Intuicom Wireless

Modems and Media Converters

  • Digi International
  • GDI
  • Black Box

Dynamic Message Signs:

  • Adaptive
  • A&M Signal
  • RU2Fast

Wireless Detection

  • Sensys Networks

Ethernet/IP Communications Solutions

  • Actelis Networks
  • GarrettCom
  • TKH-Optelecom
  • Digi International
  • RuggedCom
  • Kyland USA

Fiberoptic Cables, Racks & Trays

  • Bejed
  • Black Box
  • Fiber Connections

Video Surveillance Cameras

  • TKH-Optelecom
  • Indigo Vision
  • COHU
  • Bosch

Video & Data Transmission over Fiber

  • TKH-Optelecom
  • AXIS Communications

Vehicle and Pedestrian Signals & Backplates

  • Western Systems

Traffic Signal Mounting Brackets

  • Western Systems
  • Pelco Products

Solar Powered Traffic Applications

  • Carmanah Technologies

Pedestrian Pushbuttons

  • Campbell Company

Lighted Signs (LED)

  • Temple Inc.
  • Wells Signs & Manufacturing

Design & Integration Services

  • Western Systems

Environmental Monitoring Equipment

  • High Sierra Electronics

For all communications, networking and intelligent traffic systems (ITS) products in Washington contact Zach L. Hoiting by email at ZHoiting@WesternSystems-Inc.com or by calling 425-438-1133.

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Controller Cabinet Test Equipment

Athens Technical Specialists Inc

Athens Technical Specialists IncATSI is the industry leader in conflict monitor testers, BIU testers, loop and detector testers, surge suppressor testers, load switch/flasher/transfer relay testers, and counter/classifier testers.

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