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Siemens easy to use, reliable, and flexible Local Controller Software.


SEPAC is local controller software that incorporates 20 years of actual ‘on street’ traffic monitoring and controlling experience. Using distributed programming capabilities that make use of the intelligence in the local controller it is adaptable enough to be suitable for simple traffic control situations to the highly complex.


SEPAC software is user friendly and accommodates a variety of traffic control requirements through its diverse programming and configuration capabilties.

Smart Thinking in an Easy to Use Package

SEPAC software is user friendly with an 8 line menu driven interface and accommodates a variety of traffic control features through its diverse programming. SEPAC firmware used in the EPAC M50 controller unit provides innovative and reliable technology that exceeds both NEMA TS1 – 1989 and TS2 – 1998 actuated controller unit standards. Default data supporting both standard 8 phase intersections and Texas Diamond control is included to facilitate programming on standard intersections.

Building Block of a Premimum Traffic System

SEPAC runs on EPAC and 2070 model controllers. The combined power of SEPAC local controller software with system software such as ACTRA and Marc NX creates a paramount and robust traffic control system that can be tailored to any region’s traffic needs.


  • 4 timing rings
  • 16 vehicle phases
  • 16 pedestrian phases
  • 48 timing plans
  • 16 overlaps
  • 80 detectors
  • Six Coordination Modes
  • Adaptive Traffic Control
  • 6 Preempt Routines providing complete signal control
  • 6 Priority Routines providing complete phase control and in sync return to coordination
  • Preempt in Control, Interval Timing and Interval Countdown
  • Individual Preempt Status & Timing
  • Individual Priority Status & Timing
  • Built in Diagnostics

Time Base Control

  • 99 Day Programs
  • 10 Week Programs
  • 250 Events

Status Screens

  • Ring Timers
  • Coord Tiemrs
  • Preempt Timers
  • Time Base
  • Communications
  • Detector Diagnostics
  • Intersection
  • Input/Output


  • Local Alarm Log
  • Comm Fault Log
  • Detector Fault Log
  • System Detector Log
  • MOE Log
  • Speed Log
  • Volume Count Log
  • Cycle MOE Log


User friendly, 8 line menu driven software. Each parameter viewable within a menu and the cursor movable to that parameter for changes. Easy verification with related parameters visible simultaneously. On screen programming are indentification and editing prompts.

Adaptive Traffic Control

  • Adaptive Maximum Routines, which are enabled via Time Base, offer three separate Step values to cause the running maximum to increase or decrease smoothly based on current traffic conditions. Separate Dynamic Maximum parameters are available for each Step value.
  • Adaptive Protected/Permissive Routines measure the volume of left turn vehicle traffic and available gap windows in the conflicting through-vehicle traffic to determine whether the Left Turn should operate protected or permissive.
  • Conditional Virtual Split Routines provides for actuated coord phase vehicle and pedestrian modes. This control provides for a period of time of each cycle which is distributed to the Coord Phase(s) or non-coord phases, based on Coord Phase vehicle traffic activity.
  • Coordination Adaptive Split Routines, which are enabled via Time Based, adjust split time smoothly based on current traffic conditions.


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