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TACTICS Traffic Management Software

TACTICS brings together a wealth of proven options and advanced features for superior traffic control and management.


TACTICS is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with industry standards delivering a reliable, powerful and, yet, easy to use traffic management system. TACTICS is designed to grow with you, scalable to customer needs.

TACTICS is designed around making traffic management and control better than ever before. By combining the features you demand with an attractive, customizable interface TACTICS offers unparalleled traffic management capabilities.

TACTICS provides an easy-to-use, secure interface. Loaded with options to support features such as Quick Response, Transit Signal Priority and Map recording and playback as well as ITS devices such as DMS, CCTV and Tempo Ramp Meters. TACTICS offers a full-feature set customizable to fit individual customer needs.


Some of the key features for TACTICS are: easier to use enhanced graphics, customized reporting, advanced engineering tools, enhnaced once-per-second communicatinos, faster start-up and operation, expanded NTCIP operations, Transit Priority for light rail, and multilingual support. TACTICS offers all the modes of traffic control you have come to expect from central systems, and more: time of day, time-based, manual, flash, preemptive/priority and traffic responsive. Siemens has been setting the standard in traffic responsive algorithms.

Key Features

  • GIS Based Mapping
  • Center-to-Center
  • Enhanced Status Features
  • Map Recording & Playback
  • Enhanced Quick Response
  • Multiple communication protocol support
  • Compare multiple controller databases
  • User-defined Favorites List
  • Hyperlinks
  • Tempo Ramp Meter Support
  • Parameter History and Rollback
  • Traffic Responsive
  • Paging and Paging Acknowledgment


TACTICS wealth of proven options and advanced features out-performs any other system available on the market.

For many traffic management system users the question that arises when a new system is introduced to the market is "why should I upgrade?" The benefits of upgrading versus the cost of implementing a new system can be difficult for many municipalities to calculate.

What is TACTICS?

TACTICS is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with undustry standards delivering a reliable, powerful and easy to use traffic management system. TACTICS is designed to grow with you, scalable to your needs. Designed as an upgrade path from the ACTRA Advanced Transportation Management System, TACTICS offers all of the features ACTRA users depend on as well as a rich feature set not available in the ACTRA series.

TACTICS Offerings

TACTICS is available in several option packages designed to fit the needs of cities and rural areas. With packages aimed at providing unique traffic control from closed-loop systems, controller database editors and full-fledged central control packages, TACTICS becomes the ideal solution regardless of the size of the system needs.

For a full list of feature differences see Why Upgrade from ACTRA?


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