Intelligent Backup Power Technology to Keep Intersections Safe

The Only Fully Integrated Fuel Cell Solution Designed for Traffic Signals

Intersection power outages are inevitable. Be it the weather, a dropped connection from the U.S. Power Grid, or a forced outage in times of wildfires and high winds—are your traffic intersections equipped to keep your drivers safe?

Altergy has developed breakthrough fuel cell technology built to the highest standards, delivering the most reliable, clean and cost effective backup power solution. The Freedom Power Traffic Signal Platform (TSP) is the only fully integrated fuel cell solution for traffic signals on the market today.

Key Features

  • It’s reliable– Expect unlimited runtimes with hydrogen refueling.
  • It’s cost-effective – No unexpected replacement charges or complicated upkeep.
  • It’s scalable – Built to the highest standards and made for easy installation.
  • It’s clean – Avoid unpredictable battery discharge and generator pollution.
  • It’s compact – Save space without cutting corners.
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