Iteris Vantage Vector Hybrid

Vantage Vector Hybrid

Vantage Vector® is an all-in-one detection sensor that provides both stop-bar and advanced zone detection that will help enable advanced safety and adaptive control applications.

Compatible with both the Edge2 and Next platforms, Vantage Vector includes all the proven benefits of Iteris video detection; high accuracy, superior reliability, the video image for remote viewing, no trenching or pavement cutting for installation, and bicycle differentiation via SmartCycle.

  • Vantage Vector provides total Dilemma Zone coverage by integrating the video field-of-view with high precision radar sensing technology.
  • Enriched information includes the number of vehicles plus accurate speed and distance data to be used with user-configurable zones that provide precise outputs to the traffic signal controller.


  • Smart Stop-bar detection with video technology.
  • Powerful Advanced detection applications with radar technology up to 600 feet from sensor.
  • Efficient Non-intrusive sensor system for lower installation and life-cycle cost.
  • Adaptable Includes vehicle count capabilities, as well as SmartCycle and PedTrax.
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