Pelco Intellicross


The Pelco IntelliCross Advanced Pedestrian System (APS) is a MUTCD and ADA-compliant solution that helps pedestrian traffic navigate more safely and efficiently. The system is proudly made in the USA, extremely durable, comes with a 5-year warranty, and is designed with the future in mind.
IntelliCross is the only system that is easily field upgradeable to central control with just the addition of a CIU-C to cabinet power (no additional wires needed). Western Systems and Pelco are committed to our customers every step of the way, providing installation and ongoing support.


  • Convert Pre-Timed Intersection into Fully Actuated Intersection - When CIU is installed in traffic cabinet, no wiring required
  • Patented Power Line Communications - Program the entire intersection using existing traffic signal wiring for communication to buttons without a central controller in the cabinet
  • Touchless Push Button - Automatically detect the presence of pedestrians and place ped calls
  • Signal Con´Čéict Monitoring at Button - Independent Verification of signal status at each button station for unprecedented safety
  • Central Health Monitoring System - Know the status of your system components for optimal performance and maintenance scheduling
  • Quick Button Set-Up and Recovery - If a replacement is required, there is no need for a PC to enable the button operation

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