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TACTICS is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with industry standards to deliver a reliable, powerful and easy to use traffic management system. TACTICS is designed to grow with you, scaling to meet your needs.

Western Systems Partner - Siemens


TACTICS 5 is full compatible with Siemens SEPAC 5 software release, allowing users to benefit from all latest traffic control features, including system banks, NTCIP compliance and a new import/export mechanism for configuration data that facilitates future support and changes.

By making use of the latest ECOM-to-NTCIP conversion facilities in SEPAC 5, TACTICS helps support migration of systems to make use of the standardized industry-standard NTCIP protocol. The adoption of NTCIP presents a number of benefits around system futureproofing that can help avoid early obsolescence, helping with interoperability and enabling interagency coordination.

Another innovation present in TACTICS 5 is the support of a new data format, namely YAML. Siemens is the first to market this feature that will facilitate traffic controller configuration. YAML is an industry standard language, human-readable and can be edited using any simple text editor, giving the traffic engineer easy and full control of their configuration data.

With the option to schedule remote upgrades and installations from TACTICS 5, the disruption caused by changes can be minimized by giving a traffic engineer more flexibility as to when to perform modifications.

The new installer performs all the upgrade steps necessary for existing TACTICS customers, removing the need for the engineer to uninstall any TACTICS instances prior to updating to a new version.


  • Supports the setup of up to four system banks to store traffic responsive information via NTCIP and ECOM protocols
  • Changes to enhance NTCIP v1202 compliance by adding support for patterns, sequences, 255 day plans and removal of dial/split data
  • Supports a new data human-readable format (using YAML) for controller configuration data
  • Introduces functionality to import controller configuration data, including NTCIP-related OIDs, from SEPAC into TACTICS
  • Introduces functionality to export system configuration data from TACTICS into a USB data stick to be imported and used with SEPAC 5 or later
  • Offers ability to convert existing controller data into the new YAML data format supported by SEPAC 5 and later versions, allowing SEPAC 5, newer and older versions to co-exist as part of the same system

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