Ubicquia UbiHub

WiFi Access Point with Edge AI & Smart Streetlight Controller

Smart City WiFi 6 with Edge AI

Transform your street lights with high-speed wireless Internet access, and video/audio AI edge processing applications that enable the next generation of IoT Smart City services. Accelerate the deployment of high-speed public WiFi by leveraging the new Qualcomm WiFi 6 tri-band chipset, plus a third 5GHz channel allowing a single unit to mesh up to 4 units per ISP connection. Equipped with Ethernet, Fiber, LTE, or DOCSIS backhaul as well as an POE port.

Integrates seamlessly with existing streetlight infrastructure

UbiHub AP6 provides multiple backhaul options and cloud-based management. Unlike other access points, UbiHub AP6 is barely visible from the street level, integrating seamlessly into the city environment. Installs typically in less than 15 minutes; creating connectivity to help bridge the digital divide and support.


Key Features

  • New Qualcomm 845 processor with neural AI
  • Parking, traffic, pedestrian and bicycle count modes
  • 12 embeded antennas for maximum bandwidth
  • Plug-in PoE expansion port for external sensors
  • 4Gbps mesh throughput between Ubihub nodes
  • Dedicated 5Ghz channel for mesh capability
  • Plug & Play, installs in minutes
  • Multiple backhaul options
  • Four microphones: 48kHz sample rate, 16-bit audio

Downloads / Cut Sheets

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