Vehicle Activated Signs

It is an undisputable fact that drivers who exceed speed limits cause more accidents and kill or seriously injure more people than drivers who do not.


Excess speed is not always the product of recklessness and the speed limit may only have been exceeded by a minimal amount, however, a recent analysis conducted by RoSPA, found that 85% of pedestrians killed when struck by cars, died in collisions that occurred at impact speeds below 40mph.

To influence behaviour there has to be a consistent flow of realistic and effective information delivered to drivers. In studies by the Transport Research Laboratory, such as PPR314 (Effectiveness of Speed Indicator Devices on Reducing Vehicle Speeds in London), Vehicle Activated Signs and Speed Indicator Devices have been proven to offer the most effective way of presenting drivers with evidence to act upon.

Unipart Dorman’s range of Vehicle Activated Signs are designed to enhance safety on the roads by providing maximum visibility to drivers, warning them of speed limits or impending road hazards. Designed and manufactured at our UK site, our range of Vehicle Activated Signs contain more than 80% end of life recyclable parts and we can provide a variety of renewable power sources, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the environment.

Our VAS range also has an optional data logging facility, which collects speed, time and date information for every vehicle that passes, which can be easily downloaded via Bluetooth® straight to your computer and used to provide reports on the effectiveness of the signs in reducing speed and improving driver awareness.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven to have a long term positive effect on road safety by reinforcing the message displayed on fixed plate signage
  • Fully compliant with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations 2011
  • Data analysis software option, which can be easily downloaded via Bluetooth®
  • Data can be used to present solid evidence of speeding hotspots to local law enforcement agencies to allow enforcement measures
  • Multiple display options and sizes including dual legend displays
  • V-AMP Software enables scheduling and timetables to be set
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