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Case Study: SCOOT Adaptive Traffic Control System by Siemens

Better flow, less congestion in city of Monterey, CA

About Application

The Problem

The City of Monterey is an ever-growing beach community with active tourism and daily commuter traffic. Over the years, these factors have grown and put an increasing demand on the traffic resources and equipment. The seasonal tourism and daily commuter traffic running through the main corridor generates high demand throughout the day creating increasing congestion. Monterey needed an efficient and cost-effective way to adapt quickly and effectively to manage the traffic demands, given the city’s geographic location and economic constraints.

Solution: Monterey chose Western Systems to implement SCOOT Adaptive software.

SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique) is proactive adaptive software which changes dynamically and in real time. It observes and counts the number of cars approaching the intersection, communicates this information, and implements necessary changes. The changes cascade downstream, creating a, safer, faster, more efficient flow. The SCOOT Adaptive software addresses congestion challenges with little to no interaction with the signals. The SCOOT system makes systematic changes on the fly based on the current and impending traffic conditions.

Before SCOOT, the city engineer would have gauge the timing needs and make changes that may or may not be suitable for the conditions. This was labor intensive and time consuming. Monterey, with only one engineer and limited resources, saw an immediate improvement with the implementation of SCOOT. SCOOT took the guessing and time commitment out of the equation and increased productivity. The corridor flows more efficiently with less congestion and better travel times.

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