332L Cabinet – Caltrans


The Eagle model 332L cabinet assembly and auxiliary equipment meets CalTrans specifications per the 2009 TEES. The cabinet assembly measures 67“ high x 24“ wide and a depth of 30“.
The 332L cabinet assembly provides control for up to eight vehicle phases and four pedestrian phases, and six additional phases can be added using the optional auxiliary output file. Two doors enable access from either side to provide easy maintenance. All surfaces are bare, unpainted aluminum. Anodizing and/or painting is available per request. A police door with a Signal On/Off switch and a Flash/Auto switch is included with each cabinet. Each cabinet can also include options such as cabinet light(s), door alarm, detector test panel, red monitoring board and more.


  • 36 detector channel capability.
  • 2 or 4 channel detector modules.
  • 2 R/R Preemption input (AC isolation).
  • 4 emergency vehicle inputs (input file slots 10 &11).
  • DC isolation inputs for pedestrian push buttons and special functions
  • High-efficiency, switching power supply. Programmable yellow/red or all red flash through the use of color-coded flash plugs.
  • 2 dual circuit flasher positions. Solid state relay for flash control. Pull out drawer/shelf.
  • Surge suppressor/ Line filter and 30A main circuit breaker mounted on service panel assembly (SPA) for incoming power.
  • Thermostatically controlled ventilation system with 100 CFM fan.

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