ATMS & Local Control Systems

Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) help cities identify, reduce, and control traffic congestion. These systems have the potential to improve everything from traffic flow to worker productivity, even quality of life.

About Application

ATMS are an integral part of addressing current and future traffic challenges. Our ATMS provide real-time traffic monitoring, dynamic message signs, graphical displays, incident monitoring, and advanced communication devices to help entities manage their traffic, creating a smoother, safer flow.

Implemented correctly, ATMS have the potential to:

  • create smoother flows and better volume for streets and intersections
  • reduce or contain congestion
  • help reduce the impact on traffic of incidents and events
  • reduce commute time, thereby improving economic productivity
  • improve both safety and efficiency
  • reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption, creating a healthier environment

Western Systems offers the following products in our ATMS solutions:

  • ATMS
  • Siemens—TacticsTM, ACS-Lite, SCOOTTM, and ConcertTM

Traffic Controllers

  • Siemens—M60 ATC, 2070E (2070-1C)

Local Intersection Software

  • Siemens—SEPAC 7 Next-Phase

Tactics TM

TACTICS is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with industry...


SCOOT is the World's Leading Adaptive Traffic Control System

Concert TM

Software that allows disparate systems to communicate seamlessly.

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