Intelligent Safety Solutions

Western Systems is firmly committed to keeping streets safe. We offer a full array of Intelligent Safety Solutions, including signage both intelligent and static for school zones, work zones, and crosswalks.

About Application

We work with industry-leading manufacturers whose products have proven to be cost-effective, dependable, and state of the art. We focus on solutions which provide a safe and secure environment. In addition, we offer products and solutions which will allow you to monitor and manage performance remotely, and integrate with a broad range of intelligent safety solutions.

We are proud to sell products from these manufacturers:

  • Athens Technical Specialists (ATSI)
  • Alpha Technologies
  • Carmanah Technologies
  • Applied Information (AI)
  • RTC Manufacturing
  • MDI
  • American Signal Company (AMSIG)
RU 2 Fast
  • Temple
  • Unipart Dorman
  • Wells Sign Manufacturing
  • Zumar
  • Availed Technologies
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