Carmanah Speedcheck-18 Radar Speed Sign

Intelligent radar signs alert speeding drivers on highways

Effective. Versatile. Durable. The SPEEDCHECK-18 radar speed sign is a traffic calming tool for highway and expressway applications with posted speeds over 45 mph. Also known as driver feedback signs, these traffic calming devices are proven to show measurable results. The speed detection display sign flashes 18-inch, bright LED digits, making it easy for drivers to understand at a glance if they are exceeding the posted speed limits, and react by slowing down.

This radar speed sign includes two-way wireless communication, either onsite or remotely, for setup, diagnostics, upgrades, and more. Optional features will help to eliminate unnecessary service calls and set a scheduling function that allows for easy programming and unlimited schedules. Measure the compliance results with ease using the precise traffic data and reporting that is available for analysis.

Key Features

  • On-site Bluetooth® wireless connectivity is available on all SPEEDCHECK-18 models—without cellular service fees. Cell modem, Ethernet, and other standard traffic communication options are also available.
  • Flashing digits and optional “Slow Down” message can be programmed to flash at user-defined speed thresholds—the faster the speed, the faster the flash. A high-speed cutoff threshold can also be set to prevent drivers from racing the sign.
  • Powered by AC, battery, or solar systems.
  • Most recognized radar speed sign in the industry for 20+ years
  • Industry-leading high-contrast display technology for visibility in all weather and lighting conditions
  • MUTCD and Buy America compliant system

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