Signal & Hardware Equipment

Our Signal and Hardware Equipment is reliable, rugged and exceeds prescribed specifications.
Our partners are industry leaders who specialize in design, engineering and manufacturing of durable and reliable products. These partners share our values and commitment to providing superior material and service.

About Application

Partners and Products

Conflict Monitors and Loop Amplifiers

  • Eberle Designs (EDI)
  • Reno A&E

Load Switches, Flashers, FTR, Power Supplies, Bus Interface Units and Isolators

  • Eberle Designs (EDI)
  • Power Distribution and Control (PDC)
  • Detrol

Vehicle/Pedestrian Signals, Backplates, and Mounting Hardware

  • Mobotrex/Eagle Traffic
  • Western Systems
  • Pelco Products

Poles and Decorative Lighting

  • Pelco Products
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