SG Aluminum Signal


The standard signal is composed of three die-cast aluminum LED-ready body sections containing the door and visor. The basic construction design provides minimum weight combined with maximum rigidity and strength.
SG Aluminum Signals are available in both 8-inch and 12-inch diameters.


  • Housing – One piece die-cast unit with serrations in 5° increments at each end. Each housing has provisions for mounting two terminal blocks and attaching backplates. Housings may be fastened together to make multi-section signals.
  • Door – One piece die-cast aluminum unit equipped with stainless steel hinge pins. Two stainless steel captive eyebolts and wing nuts permit easy access to the inside of the housing.
  • Visor – One piece formed aluminum unit. The removable twist-on visor is secured to the door with stainless steel hardware. Cap, tunnel, and full circle visors are available.
  • Positive Positioning – Positive positioning and locking is achieved through the use of serrated brackets, mast arm, or span wire fittings.
  • Hardware – Stainless steel material inside and outside.
  • Coating – Powder coated paint both inside and outside.

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