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TS2 Frame Grabber

The TS2 Frame Grabber allows technicians to graphically view, sort, and analyze all SDLC frames that were transmitted in the 30-minute period leadi...

PCMT 8000

The PCMT 8000 uses less harnesses to test the same amount of
monitor types as previous tester models, has integrated
Port1/SDLC testing...

BIUT 820

Where do you keep your big box of suspect BIUs; under your desk or tucked nicely out of sight on that dusty old shelf? No longer do traffic signal...

ATC Cabinet CMU Tester

The CMU is the primary component of the ATC Cabinet monitoring system. Proper functioning of the CMU is of critical importance if safe operation of...

Surge Suppressor Tester (SST) 450

The ATSI SST-450 Surge Suppressor Tester is designed to quickly and easily test all
commonly used transient voltage suppressors: metal-oxide...

TS2 Virtual Cabinet

The TS2 Virtual Cabinet (TVC-3500) provides the full emulation of a NEMA TS 2 standard cabinet. It connects to an SDLC port (Port 1) of a NEMA TS 2...

Multi Switch Tester (MST) 700

Got a box of load switches, transfer relays and flashers that you’re just not sure about? 

Do you have no way of knowing whether or no...

PCMT 8000 User Training Course

PCMT 8000 User Training Course:
Training videos can be viewed at no charge by anyone at anytime by going to: http://www.pcmtcourse.com/