TS2 Virtual Cabinet


The TS2 Virtual Cabinet (TVC-3500) provides the full emulation of a NEMA TS 2 standard cabinet. It connects to an SDLC port (Port 1) of a NEMA TS 2 standard Controller Unit (controller). TVC-3500 receives SDLC frames from the controller, processes those frames and sends responses back to the controller. It also runs a full simulation of TF BIUs 1-4 (Terminals and Facilities), DR BIUs 1-4 (Detector Rack BIU), and an MMU.

Through the interface software (TS2 Virtual Cabinet Interface), the user can change inputs and monitor outputs of the TF BIUs, and simulate detector calls. This allows the user to monitor the controller’s “reaction” to various inputs such as emergency vehicle preempt call, pedestrian call on a particular phase or an actuation of any detector call.

The software will also automatically enable inputs/outputs for those BIUs that are programmed in the controller and show which BIUs should be present in the cabinet. This provides a visual presentation of how the controller is setup and what inputs/outputs are available for the given controller configuration.


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