Hand Inductive Loop Test (HILT) Test Kit


The HILT-Kit is easy to use, with quick and accurate tools designed to test and measure the parameters of inductive loops used in the Traffic Signal, Vehicle Data Collection, and Parking industries. The test kit is housed in an impact resistant case with a set of 6 foot test leads and adapters. The sturdy, injection molded plastic carrying case is custom designed to hold the HILT-9000 and its accessories, as well as the LF-22 Loop Finder and AEMC 6527 Digital Megohmmeter for a complete loop analysis kit. (The HILT can be ordered by itself, without the Loop Finder and Megohmeter as the HILT-9000)

The HILT 9000 incorporates an 8 button user interface to provide an easy test set up without the layers of frustrating, hidden menus. A 16 character by 2 line LCD offers a clear view of measurement results as well as a continuous reading of the battery status. To conserve battery life, the unit automatically turns the power off when not used for more than 30 seconds. The LF-22 Loop Finder is a handheld tester designed to let the user “see” the electromagnetic field given off by an active inductive loop and provide a visual indication of the loop’s signal strength. The AEMC Model 6527 Megohmmeter is a compact, lightweight, battery-operated , hand-held meter that provides four functional tests. It is a DC voltmeter, an AC voltmeter, ohmmeter and a continuity tester.


  • (2) Sets of red/black test leads
  • (2) sets of red/black alligator clips
  • (1) set of red/black maxi-pincers
  • (1) black test probe and a Loop Finder Handle Bracket.

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