Carmanah LED Enhanced Signs

Increase sign visibility and driver compliance with high-intensity LEDs powered by solar or AC systems

LED flashing or lighted sign systems draw attention to school zones, highlight yield requirements at crosswalks, and reduce stop sign blow-throughs. Reliable, efficient, and customizable, LED-enhanced flashing signs can be used as an alternative or in combination with flashing beacons to improve driver compliance.

Carmanah signs can be powered and controlled by any of our solar/AC systems including the R920, R820, R829, and R247 series. The intelligent energy management system (EMS) enables a sign to be programmed to operate via pedestrian activation, passive activation, calendar function, or 24-7, depending on the application, and both solar- and AC-powered versions are available.

Possible locations include crosswalks, school zones, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, airports, and hospitals, or wherever compliance is low, the signage is new, or numerous accidents have occurred in the past.

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