Carmanah R829-G School Zone Flashing Beacon


Customize your school zone flashing beacons. When ITE intensity must be met, the Carmanah R829-G School Zone Flashing Beacon can help, with its selection of large solar panels and battery options to help meet ITE regulations, even in shaded locations. The larger solar engine can support both higher intensity LEDs and third-party devices. Prewired with Carmanah’s calendar software or customized with a third-party time clock, these beacons can be preprogrammed up to 500 days in advance for an individual school zone. Solar-powered beacons minimize both installation and long-term operating costs; plus, remote programming decreases on-site maintenance requirements. It’s also built to last: durable and dependable, this product comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.
School zone flashing beacons fit within Safe Routes to School infrastructure funding models, complete streets plans, and state-specific grants for school zone safety improvements.

Key Features

  • Multiple panels and battery sizes allow for high performance, meeting and even exceeding ITE intensity.
  • Supports up to four higher-intensity beacons and third-party devices.
  • Prewired for Carmanah’s calendar software and customizable with third-party calendars.

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