Carmanah R820-E Crosswalk Flashing Beacon

Improve Pedestrian Safety by Increasing Yield Rates at Unsignalized, Marked Crosswalks

An efficient crosswalk solution. The Carmanah R820-E Solar Crosswalk Flashing Beacon improves yielding compliance at uncontrolled, marked crossings. This user-activated, solar-powered circular beacon helps drivers see pedestrians and cyclists at the crosswalk in the daytime or at night, in any weather and any setting. The self-contained system fits onto existing signposts for hassle-free installations or retrofits.

The battery, energy management system, and solar panel are contained in one unit, making the R820-E an easy-to-install self-contained solution. It requires no trenching, cabling, or in-ground wiring, and it’s built to last: durable and dependable, this product comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

Circular beacons are approved in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and can hit ITE intensity requirements.

Key Features

  • The R820-E meets MUTCD requirements and is Buy America compliant
  • Easy to mount or retrofit onto a range of square and round poles.
  • Audible pushbutton activation with all ADA compliance features
  • Compact and lightweight solar engine

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