CMS-T331 3-Line/8-Char Display


The CMS-T331 has the memory capacity to retain 200 pre-programmed messages, 200 user-generated messages, and 250 message sequences (up to 10 pages / sequence). The brightness, or intensity, of the LED portion of the display is regulated automatically via a photosensitive circuit that adjusts the LED intensity in response to ambient illumination, thus assuring superior visibility and legibility under all lighting conditions.


  • Character Matrix
  • 3 Lines x 8 Discrete Characters
  • Minimum 30 day battery run time
  • 18” High Characters
  • Up to 8 Characters per line
  • 2 Font sizes: 4×7 , 5×7
  • NTCIP Compliant
  • +1,000’ Legibility 4,800’ Viewability

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