YUNEx Traffic SCOOT Adaptive Control

Optimize Traffic in Real Time with SCOOT

SCOOT is a dynamic, on-line, real-time method of signal control that continuously measures traffic demand on all approaches to intersections in a network and optimizes the signal timings at each intersection to minimize delay and stops. Timing changes are small, to avoid major disruption to traffic flows, and frequent, to allow rapid response to changing traffic conditions. The Yunex Traffic Stratos Outstation is a powerful new platform for use with traditional SCOOT Urban Traffic Control systems. Using the latest ARM processor technology, this small, compact unit enables deployment of SCOOT UTC in regions with non-Yunex Traffic NEMA TS1 or TS2 Type 2 traffic controllers.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive to varying traffic flow conditions, i.e., sporting events and incidents.
  • Suitable for implementation on all types of urban roads, grids, corridors, and arteries.
  • Easy-to-use window style graphical user interfaces.
  • Can be added to existing Urban or Freeway Traffic Management Systems or provided as part of a complete traffic management system.
  • The Stratos Outstation has a fully web-based user interface.

Downloads / Cut Sheets

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