Yunex Traffic Blade

High Performance IoT Field Device

Edge Capable Advanced Traffic Controller

YUTRAFFIC Blade is a next generation traffic controller with advanced edge/IoT capabilities. It is designed to receive sensor data from various sources such as cameras, radar sensors, and in-ground loop detectors for real-time intersection control.

The YUTRAFFIC Blade serves as an edge processing platform able to store and analyze large data sets directly on the device and utilize AI-based algorithms to improve traffic control. YUTRAFFIC Blade supports all common cabinet types and can be configured individually according to the specific customer requirements in terms of interfaces and capabilities.

Key Features

  • Enhanced UX and optimized workflows for ease of use
  • Powerful Quad-Core ARM Co-Processor to compliment PowerPC Engine Board
  • Enhanced communication options including 4-port managed switch, Wi-Fi Access Point, LTE/5G modem, and Power-over Ethernet
  • Easily configure, diagnose and remotely update with the browser-based user interface
  • 7-inch full color touch display for superior user experience
  • Supports all ATC and NEMA standards
  • Integrated Advanced Security, Safety and Reliability

Downloads / Cut Sheets

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