334L Cabinet – Caltrans


The Eagle model 334L cabinet assembly and auxiliary equipment meets CalTrans specifications per the 2009 TEES. The cabinet assembly measures 67“ high x 24“ wide and a depth of 30“.
The 334L cabinet assembly is ideal for ramp metering and other applications such as a fiber optic hub, CCTV, irrigation, and sign control. Two doors enable access from either side to provide easy maintenance. All surfaces are bare unpainted aluminum. Anodizing and/or painting is available per request. A police door with a Lights On/Off switch and a Control On/Off switch is included with each cabinet. Each cabinet can also include options such as cabinet light(s), door alarm and more.


  • 28 detector channel capability.
  • 2 or 4 channel detector modules.
  • PDA# 3L combined output file and power distribution assembly. Includes sockets for Model 206L power supply, Model 208 monitor, and 3 load switches.
  • Pull out drawer/shelf.
  • Surge suppressor/Line filter and 30A main circuit breaker mounted on service panel assembly (SPA) for incoming power.
  • Thermostatically controlled ventilation system with 100 CFM fan.

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