CMU Auxiliary Display Unit


The EDI CMU Auxiliary Display Unit (ADU) is a rack mounted display module for the ATC Cabinet and ITS Cabinet that provides an LED four color by thirty-two channel Full Intersection Display along with a SmartMonitor® technology interface to the CMU-212 or CMU-2212 Cabinet Monitor Unit (CMU).
The unit installs in a 1U height 19” rack space and provides a menu driven user interface to the enhanced features of the CMU monitor including the built-in Diagnostic Wizard. Data is passed between the CMU and the Auxiliary Display Unit via the cabinet Serial Bus #3. No modifications to the cabinet wiring are necessary.
The ADU-2220C compact unit installs into a 1U height 14″ rack and provides 16 channels plus 4 virtual channels of display.


  • ADU-2220: ATC Cabinet, 48 Vdc powered
  • ADU-2220C: ATC Cabinet, 48 Vdc powered, Compact 14″ size
  • ADU: ITS Cabinet v1, 120 Vac powered

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