Currux Vision Smart City ITS

AI-Enabled Solutions for Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement

AI Hardware / Software for Detection, Analytics and Incident Detection


Using the latest in AI, machine learning, and computer vision technologies Currux Vision develops and deploys edge-based autonomous AI systems for smart infrastructure.

Currux Vision SmartCity ITS is used by DOTs and municipalities throughout the U.S. and has processed billions of traffic data points.

Designed from the ground up, their fully integrated platform works with any camera, high and low resolution, and securely and rapidly operates within an agency’s network.

Counts, Classification, Occupancy and Speed by Lane

Accurately (95%+) detect and classify cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians in real-time while measuring the speed of every object with +/- 2 mph accuracy.

Automatically Detects and Reports

  • Car stopped on shoulder
  • Car stopped in lane
  • Slow traffic
  • Stopped traffic
  • Wrong direction
  • Stop sign violation
  • Crosswalk violation
  • Double Yellow Line Crossing
  • Speeding
  • Near miss
  • Red light
  • Commercial vehicle alert

Downloads / Cut Sheets

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