In-Pavement Bike Sensor


FlexRadar, powered by our patented MicroRadar technology, is an ultra-low power, patented radar sensor, compatible with the entire Sensys Networks product suite. FlexRadar reliably and accurately detects bicycles, differentiates between a bicycle and a motorized vehicle at the stop bar, provides bicycle counts in dedicated bicycle lanes, and provides the most accurate parking space occupancy data available. FlexRadar installs seamlessly as a supplement to existing wireless detection systems, lowering costs by leveraging existing infrastructure and communications.


  • Flexible installation with no wires or lead-in cabling
  • Long battery life
  • Rapid installation and deployment reduces road closures and worker exposure
  • Patented, ultra-low “NanoPower” communications protocol
  • Superior accuracy, dependability, and extensibility
  • Universal platform for bicycle presence detection, counts and parking applications
  • Self-calibrating, self-tuning
  • Re-usable and remotely upgradeable
  • Easily deployed in complex configurations
  • Ability to enable temperature reporting
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