The Mobile Surface Sentinel, Model 5436-10, provides accurate surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit.


The Model 5436-10 Mobile Surface Sentinel is a precision instrument that provides accurate real-time surface temperature and air temperature from a moving vehicle to an in-cab color LCD display. The dynamic flashing colored display alarm alerts vehicle operators of freezing conditions. Premium materials are used to ensure rapid temperature response rates that meet the demands of road weather management professionals.

The Mobile Surface Sentinel sensor connects to the Mobile Display Unit (MDU) via wireless Bluetooth for simple installation without the need to route wires from outside to inside the vehicle. Simply connect each unit to a vehicle power source. The sensor mounts outside the vehicle, pointed at the road surface. The MDU mounts inside the vehicle to display the road surface and air temperature as a number and a graph. The display uses a high resolution color LCD that is configured with an easy to navigate menu. A menu-selectable RS-232 or RS-485 serial output is made available via a connector with screw terminals on the back of the MDU for easy integration into new or existing Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) units.


  • Rapid environmental acclimation rate
  • Sensor-to-Display wireless connection
  • Color LCD display
  • Fully sealed weatherproof design
  • Integrates with existing AVL systems
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