OTT/Lufft RLS – Radar Level Sensor

The OTT RLS is a non-contact radar level sensor with pulse radar technology. The OTT RLS offers a large measurement range with a small blanking distance and narrow beam width and it easily connects to most dataloggers. The RLS has extremely low power consumption and is ideal for remote or solar powered sites.

Key Features

  • High performance Measurements are unaffected by air temperature, humidity, flood events, floating debris, or contaminated water; reduces the likelihood of missing data and reduces data post processing
  • Flat antenna design eliminates nesting areas for insects and periodic maintenance requirement.
  • Light weight compact design facilitates easy mounting on bridges, extension mounting bracket or inside a small protective housing.
  • Unobtrusive appearance is ideal for urban installation sites or sites prone to vandalism.
  • Ideal for remote or solar powered sites; requires only 12 mA when active.
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