RUGGEDCOM MX5000 Enclosure


The RUGGEDCOM MX5000 enclosure is a tough, welded-aluminum, hard mount enclosure, available as an off-the-shelf replacement enclosure for the RUGGEDCOM MX5000RE.


  • Welded-aluminum extrusion construction
  • Welded-aluminum mounting brackets for MIL901D hard mounting
  • Configurable patch panel allows up to 64 MIL-grade circular connectors for both copper and fiber media
  • Integrated cable management for strain relief
  • Removable front panel with EMI glass for service and maintenance
  • Hard-mounted brackets fit standard 19" rack-mount equipment
  • Dual internal MIL-grade high-reliability fans minimize internal temperature gradient with no outside air exchange
  • IEC 60529 IP65 rated – dust tight, water jets

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