RUGGEDCOM RX1510 / RX1511 / RX1512 Multi-Service Platform


The RX1510 series is a compact, cost efficient utility grade Layer 2 and Layer 3 switch and router. The RX1510’s modular and field replaceable platform allows customers to select amongst WAN, serial and Ethernet options making it ideally suited for electric power utilities, the industrial plant floor, rail and traffic control systems. Rugged, and Modular, Hot-Swappable* Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switch and Router, with Optional Redundant Power Supply


  • Integrated Router/Firewall/VPN
  • Stateful Firewall with NAT
  • Full IPSec Virtual Private Networking
  • VPN with 3DES, AES128, AES256 support
  • RUGGEDCOM CROSSBOW for NERC CIP Cyber Security compliance
  • RADIUS centralized password management
  • Multi-level passwords
  • SSH/SSL encryption
  • Enable/disable ports, MAC based port security
  • VLAN (802.1Q) to segregate and secure network traffic
  • SNMPv3 encrypted authentication and access security
  • Optional Check Point Firewall and IPS (see RUGGEDCOM APE module)

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