Case Study: Creating Custom Traffic Signal Cabinets

Western Systems Partnered With The City Of Anaheim, California To Increase Cabinet Space

About Application


Anaheim’s Population Fuels ITS & Communication Equipment Needs

Best known for being home to the “Happiest Place on Earth” – Disneyland, Anaheim, California, boasts a growing population fueled by tourism, conventions and entertainment. With a population on the rise to support the local economy, the number of drivers and pedestrians on the roadways has significantly increased in recent years.

The Challenge

Crowded Cabinets & Lack of Intersection Real Estate

The lack of space within the city’s traffic signal cabinets had become a real challenge. With new ITS equipment being added to support better traffic flow and fiber cable being run through the cabinets – space was hard to come by.

The lack of space within the cabinet made routine maintenance difficult. Also, with the fiber cable being run through the cabinet, the telecommunications team needed frequent access.

Without the real estate at its intersections to add a new external enclosure to house the fiber cable, the city turned to Western Systems to help them create a custom solution.

The Solution

Western Systems Customizable P ITS-Plus Cabinet

Working closely with the city, Western Systems created a fully customizable solution using the P ITS-Plus cabinet. The PITS-Plus cabinet is a NEMA TS1 and TS2 rated enclosure and is available in multiple sizes.

Western Systems new and compact dual load switch freed up extra space within the cabinet for additional ITS equipment – by condensing the load bay area. While the fiber cable was moved to its own separate and secure space within the cabinet. All of this was done without requiring additional real estate at the city’s busy intersections.


Increased Cabinet Space While Using the Existing Footprint 

With more space, routine maintenance has become much easier and now the city has room to add additional ITS equipment. The separate and secure fiber cable ITS-Plus compartment within the cabinet has created easy access for the telecommunication team and eliminated the need to rely on the traffic department for access.

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