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PCMT 2600 Conflict Monitor Tester

The PCMT-2600 is capable of testing Conflict Monitors as defined by NEMA TS1, NEMA TS2, FHWA/CalTrans System 170, and ODOT/TXDOT 2070 Standards.

ATSI PCMT 2600 Conflict Monitor Tester


As a traffic signal tech, can I be held liable for faulty signals?

Yes. According to the Traffic Signal Maintenance Handbook, published in partnership by ITE and IMSA, it is a distinct possibility; these scenarios are given starting on page 99. However, the use of the PCMT 2600 in testing your CMUs and MMUs, as part of a complete preventative maintenance routine, can help prevent costly and time consuming lawsuits. Think of the PCMT 2600 as an affordable insurance policy to protect yourself and your agency.

Why do I need to test my CMUs or MMUs?

Most importantly, to insure public safety. Also, to protect yourself and your agency from tort liability lawsuits.

How many agencies are sued every year?

This information is not readily available and firm numbers cannot be gathered. Most negligent agencies settle out of court to prevent embarrassing media coverage. However, many tort lawyers have websites that boast their in-court and out-of-court victories and how much was awarded to their clients. Through internet searches, one can uncover how many millions of dollars are lost every year due to negligence and failure to insure public safety.

The PCMT-2600 is the latest generation of automated tester capable of testing Conflict Monitors as defined by NEMA TS1, NEMA TS2, FHWA/CalTrans System 170, and ODOT/TXDOT 2070 Standards.

The Windows based user software automatically sequences the tester through the selected tests and then accumulates and assembles the results into a test report in PDF format. The test reports can be saved and then printed to produce Preventive Maintenance records. These maintenance records can be used to help defend a City, DOT, or Contractor against Tort Liability lawsuits.

ATSI PCMT 2600 Conflict Monitor Tester

With the new SLNK-3000, PCMT-2600 users can now test the Port1/SDLC functions of TS2 MMUs. Click the image to view detailed images or to purchase the SLNK-3000.

Optional carrying cases are also available in two sizes. The 3U Case will provide a protective cover for the PCMT, while the 6U case will accommodate the PCMT and a laptop, with the accessory laptop shelf.


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