Discover the Future of Traffic Control with Currux Vision’s Video Detection System

Currux GPU unit

Are you tired of dealing with outdated and unreliable traffic detection systems? Embrace the future of smart traffic control with Currux Vision’s revolutionary Video Detection System – CURRUX VISION! From vehicle detection to pedestrian and bicyclist monitoring, this cutting-edge hardware and software solution is engineered to perfection, ensuring safe and efficient traffic management for cities and municipalities worldwide.

Key features Placement:

Why Choose CURRUX VISION Video Detection System?

Unmatched Accuracy: Say goodbye to false detections and unreliable results. CURRUX VISION boasts an incredible 95%+ vehicle counting accuracy, even in challenging weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog.

Integrated Hardware/Software Solution: Our system works seamlessly with existing or new video cameras, both IP and Analog. With added compatibility with fisheye cameras, it offers unparalleled flexibility in deployment.

Enhanced Pedestrian and Bicyclist Detection: Safety is paramount, and CURRUX VISION delivers! Benefit from best-in-class pedestrian and bike detection, ensuring the protection of vulnerable road user

Actuation Made Easy: Take control of traffic lights and signals effortlessly. CURRUX VISION can actuate traffic controllers, RSUs, and flashing beacons with precision using NTCIP, SDLC, and 1/0 contact closures through its 5 built-in relays.

Designed for ITS Applications: CURRUX VISION is purpose-built for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications. Its NEMA TS2 compliant hardware platform, designed and manufactured in the USA, ensures reliability and superior performance.

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