Carmanah Overhead Lighting

Increase visibility at mid-block crossings with a directional, compliant, and efficient LED light

Streetlights aren’t enough

Even though many streets and roadways with mid-block crosswalks have streetlights, they are typically mounted high above the surface of the road and spaced far 100 ft. or more apart. They are designed to serve the needs of motorists in navigating and avoiding obstacles—not to illuminate a pedestrian or light an entire crosswalk area.

Bright, directional, uniform light, without the glare

Unlike other lights that prioritize brightness at all costs, Carmanah’s fixtures offer consistent light uniformity spanning the entire crosswalk area. This makes for better visibility while reducing eye strain and “flicker” for both drivers and pedestrians. Our systems meet the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) recommendation of a uniformity ratio of no more than 3:1 for mid-block crosswalks (average to a minimum).



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