OTT/Lufft ViewMondo – Road & Runway Management Software

ViewMondo, the flexible Lufft Road & Runway Management Software

Would you like to manage all weather-related information, whether stationary or mobile, with a visualization tool? Would you like to have optimal control of your winter service based on the current circumstances? Would you like your control center to receive all current data from the gritting vehicles in real time for true teamwork between internal and external staff?

ViewMondo, the Lufft Road & Runway Management Software can solve your issues! ViewMondo is provided as a cloud based service. It is a state of the art software package with a browser based GUI, and includes the following features:Take a closer look and discover the features of this software.

Key Features

  • Clear display of stationary and mobile measuring devices on a map or in a list
  • Plausibility checks and thereby verified readings and information about the sensors’ status
  • Password-protected access and restricted user profiles possible for high safety
  • Measurement data analysis overview in clear diagrams
  • Various evaluations and reports in chosen periods, such as critical hours, minimum and maximum values possible
  • Integrated road de-icing recommendations of latest road condition reading according to BASt
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