OTT/Lufft Visibility Sensor VS2k-UMB

visibility sensor with a measurement range of 10...2000m

The VS2k visibility sensor measures visibility up to 2000m, ideal for road traffic applications on motorways, highways or bridges. A calibration device is available (optional).

The measurement data is available for further processing in the form of the standard protocol Lufft UMB.

ASD = Active Spider Defense: The built-in vibrating motor ensures at irregular intervals that the VS2k visibility sensor is not so prone to spiders. The construction of VS2k also reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Key Features

  • First and only visibility sensor with active spider defense
  • Measurement range of 10 … 2000 m, ideal for traffic applications
  • Sharp measurement resolution of 1 m
  • Easy and smart calibration thanks to a calibration kit (optional)
  • Forward light scattering technique
  • Long life time thanks to sea waterproof housing
  • Open and free to use communication protocol for easy integration in excisting systems
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