The PowerAgent™ battery monitoring system from Alpha provides detailed, real time information on batteries, reducing unnecessary, costly truck rolls and ensuring actual outage backup times are not unknowingly compromised by degraded batteries. Scalable up to 6 strings of 40 batteries each, the system provides detailed information on every battery, from float and discharge current to individual cell temperatures and string voltages. This, and a wealth of other information (including alarms) can be monitored directly via SNMP. Alternatively, alarms can be monitored via the Cordex™ Controller with optional Remote Output Modules (ROMs) from Phoenix.


  • Intelligent site controller monitors up to 6 strings of 40 batteries (240 total batteries)
  • Low power consumption minimizes runtime impact
  • Monitors 2V or 12 V cells (with appropriate sensor)
  • Monitors strings and cell voltage, admittance, individual cell temperature, ripple current and float current for a comprehensive, real-time picture of the state of health of your battery bank)

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