The IEEE 1588 conformant RUGGEDCOM RSG908C reduces the total cost of ownership by combining precision timing information and data communications onto a single network.
This switch comes with an integrated DIN rail mount and front-facing interfaces for easy installation in space-limited areas. It offers redundant power inputs for both DC and high voltage AC/DC applications, eliminating a single point of failure. The RUGGEDCOM RSG908C is designed to operate in harsh environments with widely varying climatic and environmental conditions, which is ideal for digital substations, transportation and oil & gas industries.
Tested and certified to withstand extreme temperature, vibration and shock, the RUGGEDCOM RSG908C offers exceptional reliability for industrial applications that require high bandwidths and accommodate future network expansions.
The RUGGEDCOM RSG908C can be used for precise time synchronization in Electric Power industry; for high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming in Transportation industry, and for time-critical applications such as drilling automation, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and RTU (Remote terminal unit) solutions for wellhead automation, pipeline monitoring, compression or pumping stations in the oil & gas industry.


  • 4 x Gigabit SFP ports (1000BASE-X)
  • 4 x fiber optic ports (100BASE-FX)
  • Multiple fiber connector types (SFP, LC)

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