The RUGGEDCOM RST2228 / RST2228P is a field modular 19“ Layer 2 rack switch with 10 Gbit/s uplinks, support for IEEE 1588 and optional Power-over-Ethernet – an ideal solution for high port density applications in the electric power, intelligent traffic systems, rail, oil&gas and other industrial communications markets.
The front loading, field replaceable module design enhances the maintainability and upgradability of the switch as it allows modules to be changed without removing the chassis from the rack. This unique design also provides future proofing of the product as it can be deployed with Gigabit uplink SFPs and 100 Mbps LAN ports initially and then upgraded to 10 Gigabit uplinks and Gigabit LAN ports as data communication needs increase.


  • Passwords – support for multiple access levels with separate credentials for each level

  • SSH / SSL – extends capability of password protection to add encryption of passwords and data as they cross the network

  • Enable / disable ports – capability to disable ports so unauthorized devices can’t connect to unused ports

  • SNMPv3 – encrypted authentication and access security

  • HTTPS – for secure access to the web interface

  • 802.1x – to ensure only permitted devices can connect to the device

  • MAC address authentication – control access to devices that do not support RADIUS

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