SP 560


The compact SP 560 from Clary delivers on-line protection 100% of the time, for reliable, continuous error-free operation, regardless of utility power quality. Occupying only 1U of vertical rack space, it can fit into any cabinet. Clary’s SP 560 is a 560 VA / 400 W power source built for electronics equipment in IT, traffic and security applications, delivering constant, conditioned, regenerated AC power. It protects equipment from being disrupted, degraded or damaged due to harmful power events. Clary power conditioning completely isolates the cabinet from utility power enabling error-free operation during surges, sags, spikes, and other power anomalies. With an optional battery pack, the SP 560 system operates as an on-line, double-conversion UPS, extending the reliability of the cabinet’s electronics during utility power failures (black-outs). The SP 560 is power factor corrected to reduce utility current draw and wiring requirements. Designed for indoor/outdoor use, the Clary SP 560 will operate in temperature extremes from -40°C to +74°C (-40°F to 165°F) and it communicates locally or remotely via serial, USB or an optional web agent.


  • Power factor corrected input
  • Fully regenerative
  • True on-line continuous power
  • Low distortion sine wave output
  • Designed for non-linear loads
  • Extended brownout protection

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