SP Series


Clary’s SP Series are the world’s most advanced Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), designed specifically for electronics equipment in IT, Traffic and Security applications. Industry proven, each product in the SP Series delivers on-line double-conversion protection 100% of the time for reliable, continuous, and error-free operation regardless of utility power quality. Listed by many states as the preferred UPS system for traffic intersection back-up, Clary products are the only products engineered to meet NEMA standards for traffic back-up systems with an operational temperature range of -40°C to +74°C. Clary SP Series are also designed to mount in existing traffic cabinets or in adjacent stand-alone cabinets. Optional NEMA 3R Type II and Type III cabinets are available. From the compact SP 560 which takes up only 1U of vertical rack space, to the powerful SP 2000U, there is a Clary product which will meet your specific requirement. Advanced communication features allow monitoring, configuration and control of the system over RS232, modem or network connections. See our SNMP Product Brochure. Available for both NEMA and 332 style cabinets


  • Power factor corrected input
  • Fully regenerative
  • True on-line continuous power
  • Low distortion sine wave output
  • Designed for non-linear loads
  • Extended brownout protection
  • EIA/RS232 data interface

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