City of Kirkland, Washington Gets More dependable power with P Plus Traffic Cabinets

About Application

The Problem

The busy, densely trafficked Seattle suburb of Kirkland suffered from sporadic power outages at specific and important intersections. Power outages at an intersection can cause back-ups, frustrated commuters, and route revisions. The resulting dark intersections were inefficient, slow and unsafe. Remedies and repairs were time consuming, a maintenance burden, and frustrating for the public.

Solution: Kirkland changed to Western Systems P Plus Traffic Cabinets.

The P Plus cabinets are unique to the transportation industry. No one else in the country builds an integrated cabinet with battery back-up built into its shell.

P Plus cabinets have a Standard P44 footprint and come in either the industry standard TS1 or TS2 type. With 16 position load bay and 64 channels of detection, the agency has unlimited functionality. The front door of the P Plus cabinet has a built-in generator bypass for quick access to provide a power source. The Battery Backup system is accessed by the front door of the cabinet which allows the technician to monitor the whole cabinet while doing maintenance and troubleshooting. And with the first of its kind side door, it provides the user access to the batteries for maintenance and replacement while isolating the batteries from the electronics.

Benefits: With no need for a second box, a Western Systems P Plus cabinet eliminates the cluttered appearance of multiple cabinets, reduces construction, and maintenance costs.

Most importantly, the battery back-up of the P Plus cabinet manages the power, immediately reducing outages, making traffic safer with fewer dark intersections.

Decreased outages means fewer technician calls and fewer dark intersections. This saves time and money while increasing the safety at the intersection.

Western Systems’ unique P Plus cabinets are an effective solution to Kirkland’s power outage problem.

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The P Plus unique design delivers:

  • Safer streets – eliminates dark intersections and reduces intersections in flash
  • Decreases maintenance expense
  • Reduced footprint – combining a fully functional signal cabinet with a battery backup that rests on the same footprint as a Standard P or Type 6 Cabinet
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