Western Systems Enhances Denver’s Smart City Initiative with Advanced Equipment and Innovation

Driving sustainable urban development through tailored solutions and customer-centric innovation

About Application

Western Systems, a leader in traffic management solutions, and the City and County of Denver have forged a strategic partnership to revolutionize urban mobility through the Denver Smart City Program.

This program, inspired by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, embodies Denver’s commitment to sustainability, connected mobility, integration and interoperability, and innovative pilots and partnerships. Western Systems’ innovative P PLUS cabinet with Integrated Battery Backup System (BBS) aligns perfectly with Denver Smart City’s objectives, contributing to enhanced safety, sustainability, and connectivity.


The City and County of Denver, propelled by the Smart City Challenge, is at the forefront of leveraging technology and data to enhance urban services and address pressing challenges. Denver Smart City is dedicated to optimizing city operations, breaking down departmental silos, and tackling issues like traffic congestion, safety, and environmental impact.


Denver faces increasing demands for efficient traffic management solutions to address traffic congestion, enhance safety, and reduce environmental impact. These challenges are compounded by:

  • Space constraints due to the increasing amount of equipment being placed into the cabinet.
  • Real estate issues at street corners.
  • Outdated designs that do not meet the city’s growing needs.
  • Limited adaptability to accommodate growing infrastructure and demand from the expanding population.


Western Systems introduces the P PLUS cabinet with an Integrated Battery Backup System (BBS), addressing these challenges by optimizing space and accessibility within traffic cabinets. This solution not only tackles immediate issues but also aligns with Denver Smart City’s long-term goals of sustainability and safety. The solution offers:

  • Space-saving capabilities at street corners.
  • Efficient utilization of space within the cabinet.
  • Customized designs that cater to both current and future needs.
  • Implementation of Smart City features that align with city policies and procedures.
  • Accommodation and isolation of the Battery Backup System.



Denver’s Smart City Program encompasses various initiatives aimed at transforming urban mobility, enhancing public services, and fostering sustainability:

  • Connected Mobility: Leveraging technology to provide flexible, affordable, and accessible transportation options for all residents.
  • Healthy Places & People: Reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to protect public health and the environment, with a focus on electric vehicles and clean energy.
  • Living Labs: Test environments for innovative solutions, including Traffic Signal Activation for Bicyclists, to improve safety and mobility for cyclists.
  • Data Management: Building an integrated data management system to compile real-time data on transportation, environmental health, weather, and more, driving smarter decision-making and emphasizing safety and security.

Western Systems collaborates closely with the City and County of Denver, aligning its solutions with Denver Smart City’s goals and leveraging its expertise to drive impactful outcomes for the community.


  • Alignment with Denver Smart City’s goals promotes sustainability, safety, and connectivity, benefiting residents, businesses, and visitors alike.
  • Cost-effective solution through efficient space utilization and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Technicians benefit from user-friendly cabinets and streamline maintenance processes.


Installation of eleven P PLUS cabinets is underway, with Western Systems’ Senior Vice President Zach Hoiting coordinating closely with Denver officials to ensure timely deployment in alignment with Denver Smart City’s objectives.

  • Western Systems currently has a 1-year contract with a multiple-year option to renew with the City.
  • The city currently is installing several cabinets per their new design and specifications.
  • Western Systems’ Senior Vice President Zach Hoiting coordinating closely with Denver officials to ensure timely deployment in alignment with Denver Smart City’s objectives


This case study showcases Western Systems’ commitment to customer-centricity and its tailored approach to align with the short-term and long-term strategies of the Denver City and County. Through the Denver Smart City Program, Western Systems demonstrates how its innovative solutions drive positive outcomes for communities, effectively addressing arising urban challenges.