Easily Manage your Traffic Video Network with Siqura’s VDG Sense

Video management systems today go beyond video surveillance by providing insight into traffic patterns, security data and camera performance. If your video management system only provides the basics, your team is missing out on opportunities to collect significant data that could impact the safety of your community.

An upgrade to your video management system may be needed if you:

  • Use a traditional CCTV surveillance system with old equipment
  • Incur increased maintenance costs to support your existing surveillance system
  • Need intelligent video analytics for monitoring traffic, parking garages and onsite locations
  • Require video analytics to improve the onsite operations and traffic flow
  • Want to establish standardization of VMS system equipment

Does your current video management system deliver everything your community needs?

In our recent webinar, Yossman Infante, Solution Engineer Manager of SIQURA Inc. discussed how VDG Sense Video Management Software can both simplify video surveillance management and provide insightful traffic analytics to better understand and serve your community.

Meet VDG Sense Video Management System

VDG Sense is the most creative and flexible video management system on the market. VDG Sense is available for any video security solution and can be tailor made to fit your team’s exact wishes and requirements.

With VDG Sense, your team has control of all live images and stored video data, all within a user-friendly interface. It is scalable from just a few to a few hundred cameras and other connected devices. Integration in any video security environment and with any security device is made easy through an open platform, a well-documented API and ONVIF support

  • Latency warning
  • Playback video with timeline info
  • Multichannel export
  • Native and MPexport format
  • Lip sync intercom audio recording
  • Server & client related macro engines
  • Event driven actions
  • Multiple profiles for different circumstances
  • Transcoding engine for limited WAN bandwidth
  • Multiple serverbased algorithms
  • Dual Stream & Multicast technology supported
  • Advanced smart search options
  • Server – client and federation (foc) architecture
  • Performance monitoring
  • Video display decoder support
  • Nonoverride video tagging
  • User definable (multi) layouts
  • Multilingual
  • Calendar related functions
  • User and device management
  • Operator bookmarks
  • Client and video wall software (free of charge)
  • Web / Android / iOS client (free of charge)
  • Open API forrd party integration
  • VMWare support
  • Architecture based on micro services

How VDG Sense Provides Solutions

Many factors can influence your team’s decision on which video management system is right for your community. If a VMS doesn’t meet all of your team’s requirements—even with all of its impressive features—it’s a deal-breaker.

To simplify the decision-making process, we address some of the challenges that arise when deciding how to upgrade your video management system and explain how VDG Sense provides solutions for your team’s traffic needs.


We have old and new cameras of different brands that aren’t ready to be replaced.


Because of the software system’s open architecture, VDG Sense VMS can support 500+ kinds of cameras across various recognized brands, be it new or old cameras. With no limitation on servers that can be added to the whole system, this video management system is scalable from a dozen cameras to hundreds of cameras and devices, including native and ONVIF drivers.


We already have smart devices collecting valuable data that we don’t want to lose with the installation of a new video management system.


With an open web-based platform, VDG Sense VMS is the quickest-to-deploy option on the market that provides the flexibility your team needs to connect to existing smart devices within your current system. Your team can integrate with third-party systems and smart devices, including cameras with built-in analytics, through this video management system’s REST-compliant API. VDG Sense VMS’ available integration includes (but not limited to):

  • FlinQ
  • iProtect
  • AlphaVision
  • Commend Intercom
  • Tatille ANPR
  • Fuel station plugin (POS)
  • AID Traffic
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • Traficon Flux (Flir Traffic Analytics)


We need more accessible visibility on our traffic data.


VDG Sense VMS provides server-based intelligence, meaning that it can deliver analytics on the server level on data that really matters in your community, from object recognition for intrusion detection and object detection to license plate recognition (LPR) detection for vehicles at parking lot

entrances or roads with low-speed traffic. The software management user interface makes it easy for users to enable and access this information, including live video and stored video data, whenever and wherever they need it.


Onboarding new operators can be tricky, especially those who have never used video management system software before.


While most software systems in video management require users to adapt to the user interface, VDG Sense VMS is designed to adapt to the user. VDG Sense VMS allows your team to customize your own layout with available user-friendly templates so that the software presents information in the best manner for your team, reducing time and cost for onboarding system operators.


We don’t have IT experts on our team to support a complex video management system


VDG Sense VMS supports event-based interactions with powerful macro functions so that high-tech skills are not required for system setup and maintenance. Instead of programming rules, this video management system allows administrators and/or management users to create rules of logic via macros which then activates actions based on those triggering criteria. This allows users to automatize actions that can be taken by the system to alert operates, change views, enable/disable recordings and move cameras to certain positions automatically.


We need a robust video management system that can provide a significant amount of insightful traffic data.


VDG Sense VMS is the most flexible video management system on the traffic market, allowing your team to customize the system based on your community needs. The software system can support the following add-ons to further enhance your video surveillance practices and provide deeper insight into your traffic data:

  • CarR – Server based License Plate Recognition
  • ObjectR – Server based Video Content Analysis
  • FaceD (*) – Server based face detection
  • Color (*) – Server based color detection
  • SceneR (*) – Camera scene change detection (*) = free of charge in Sense Pro
  • Generic Events (*) – Camera or device-based analytics support

(*) included with Sense Pro

For an in-depth look into interface of VDG Sense VMS, view the webinar.

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