Western Systems and Partners Elevate Mobility in Coachella Valley via CV SYNC

Western Systems and Partners Elevate Mobility in Coachella Valley via CV SYNC

Coachella Valley, CA, January 18, 2024Western Systems proudly announces its integral role in the successful installation of 140 Yunex Traffic RSU2X units during Phase I of the CV SYNC project, a transformative initiative led by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG).

This achievement underscores collaborative efforts with CVAG, Advantec Consulting Engineers, Inc., Yunex Traffic, and Crosstown Electric & Data, Inc. As Phase I operations commence, Phase II, targeting the installation of 230 additional Yunex Traffic RSU2X units across key corridors by 2024, further advancing Coachella Valley’s transportation landscape.


CV SYNC: Enhancing Smart Traffic for Coachella Valley

CV SYNC, a visionary project led by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), represents a paradigm shift in traffic management. This innovative approach involves upgrading existing traffic signal controllers and deploying cutting-edge technologies to coordinate traffic on corridors throughout the Coachella Valley, including connected vehicle technology and RSUs installation.


Economic, Environmental, and Social Impact

The CV SYNC project brings far-reaching benefits to Coachella Valley, addressing economic, environmental, and social aspects. By closely monitoring innovative traffic management initiatives, the project positions the region for advanced connectivity, serving as a blueprint for future smart regions.

The installation of Roadside Units (RSUs) provides a dynamic traffic management platform, addressing real-time challenges such as traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, road hazards, and accidents. The initiative aligns with the region’s commitment to environmental sustainability and meets the demands of a growing community.


Quotes from Key Stakeholders

Zach Hoiting, Senior Vice President at Western Systems, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Western Systems is honored to participate in CV SYNC, highlighting cutting-edge traffic management and connected vehicle technology. We are eager to contribute to the advancement of Coachella Valley’s Smart Traffic Region.”


Carlos A. Ortiz, CEO of Advantec Consulting Engineers, Inc., said, “Our mission is to innovate multimodal solutions for safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation infrastructures. Collaborating with customer-centric and innovative partners like Western Systems allows us to lay the foundation for a smarter and safer future for Coachella Valley cities and communities.”


Eric Cowle, CVAG Transportation Engineer, emphasized the project’s mission, stating, “To meet the community’s growing need for safer and more efficient journeys and future sustainability goals, we have launched CV SYNC, a project that collaborates with industry leaders to create an advanced smart-traffic region where security meets reliability and high standards of modern traffic management systems.”


About Western Systems

Western Systems, a leader in traffic management since 2001, collaborates with city, state, and county agencies across the Western U.S. Our innovative solutions ensure safer, more efficient cities, including Connected Vehicles, Customized Traffic Cabinets, and the green backup solution, HyMax, offering weeks of runtime, easy maintenance, and zero emissions. Beyond traffic solutions, we prioritize citizen safety and sustainability.

About CVAG

CVAG, an organization fostering collaboration among its members, acts as the regional planning agency for the Coachella Valley. By addressing shared challenges among local governments and tribes, CVAG promotes a balanced quality of life and growth in Central and Eastern Riverside County.



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