Western Systems Builds Custom Cabinets for Hayward, California

Western Systems partnered with the City of Hayward, California, to optimize intersection mobility and safety

Hayward, CA (August 19th ) — Western Systems, a leader in the traffic management industry, recently partnered with the city of Hayward, California, to manufacture 11 new NEMA P44 traffic signal cabinets at critical intersections throughout the city.

“Western Systems is proud to partner with the City of Hayward on building new custom cabinets,” Zach Hoiting, Sales Manager, Western Systems. “The state-of-the-art design of the P Plus cabinet provides the city with a strong traffic foundation that incorporates the latest technologies for enhanced mobility while being able to accommodate future growth.”

 The patent-pending P Plus cabinet provides a unique solution to a challenge faced by many agencies, limited space and budget.  The space-saving features and design of the cabinet allow an Alpha Battery Backup system to be installed directly within the enclosure. The Alpha battery backup system can keep an intersection running in full color for hours, helping to keep traffic moving safely during a power outage.

The new cabinets are scheduled to be installed in late summer/early fall.  Western Systems and its team of engineers and technicians will assist the city with installing the new cabinets and provide training. Western Systems traffic signal cabinets are proudly manufactured in Everett, Washington.  The cabinets are available in both NEMA TS1 and TS2 and come in a wide variety of sizes (P, Stretch P, M, Stretch M, R and more).

About Western Systems

 Western Systems, a leader in the traffic management industry since 2001, partners with city, state and county agencies across the western U.S. to implement state-of-the-art traffic solutions. Our innovative solutions help make communities safer and more efficient while providing a better quality of life. Visit Western Systems online at westernsystems.com.